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What insurance do you accept?

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid/HMO
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Independence Blue Cross
  • Amerihealth
  • Bravo
  • Cigna
  • ElderHealth
  • Evercare
  • Keystone 65
  • Keystone First Health Plan
  • Keystone Health Plan East
  • Horizon
  • Tricare
  • United Healthcare
  • And many others!

I really need to see a doctor, can I?

Nurse Practitioners are nationally board certified in their speciality. They are PCP’s and are able to treat acute and chronic conditions. They do collaborate with doctors and will be able to provide high-quality primary care to your in your home.

What if i need to see a specialist?

We will make referrals to the appropriate specialists based upon your individual medical needs.

What if I cannot leave my home to see a specialist?

It is very difficult to provide specialty care in the home. We are able to provide for cardiology, optometry, podiatry, wound care and diabetic care. Other specialties can only be seen in their offices.

If I make a change to your practice, how quickly can I be seen?

In most cases, if you have Medicare or a PPO, you should be scheduled for a visit within 24 – 48 hours from the time we are able to verify your insurance. Some HMO’s may not initiate a change in your PCP until the first of the following month, so that could require a longer wait.

Do I have to change my Doctor?

Yes. Primary HomeCare is a primary care provider (PCP). For matters of safety, you should only have one PCP.

What if there is another doctor’s name on my insurance card?

You will have to call the customer service number for your insurance company and ask them to change your PCP to our office. If you are not sure how to do this, our staff can assist you.

Can I get my prescriptions renewed?

Yes. Nurse Practitioners are able to prescribe medications, as well as other treatments.

What if I am sick?

Call our office and request a sick call. If it is an emergency, you will be instructed what to do.

A visiting nurse already comes to my home 3 times a week.

Nurse Practitioners are different from the nurse who comes to your home. The Nurse Practitioner is a Primary Care Provider and will coordinate your care with the visiting nurse, much the same way a doctor would.

Do you have a question not answered here? Call or email us. We will be happy to help.